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Oil and Gas Specialists

Serving the downstream, midstream and upstream sectors, our creative, marketing and IT team members of oil & gas consultants, software engineers, 3D animators and content writers bring strong domain expertise in all aspects of the oil and gas industry. As a result, our deliverables are created specifically with O&G professionals in mind. At creative and marketing levels, this includes creating realistic animations demonstrating scenarios that otherwise would be impossible to capture, and crafting accurate content that is just as compelling as it is informative. Our domain knowledge of oil and gas processes, workflows and operations also serves our IT practice well, and is essential to accelerating the development of requirements, resolving technical issues, building the most appropriate systems and delivering effective applications that solve real client challenges.

Our Energy Experience

We develop strategies, solutions and products for our clients to build their brand, reach their market and improve their performance and workflows. We have worked with more than 100 companies in the oil and gas industry, from leading oil and gas technology providers to oilfield equipment manufacturers.

We have been supporting one of the major oilfield services companies for the oil and gas industry for more than 20 years with a balance of creative and technical offerings. Our services have been used by this client under various service structures for a wide variety of engagements including:

  • Strategy consulting
  • Executive presentations
  • Product branding and commercialization
  • Turnkey production services: Print, 3D, Web
  • Internal communication / E-learning
  • Software engineering / Technical support

Strategy Development and Communication

Our consultant team members are often hired to assist C-suite executives and management with assessing industry challenges and developing and communicating strategic initiatives both internally and externally. We interact with key stakeholders in the organization, run workshops to gather information and better understand the direction and challenges, perform competitive analysis, and take an active role in formulating the strategic plan, packaging it and then presenting it to the board of directors, CEO and ultimately disseminating it to each key individual within the organization.

Marketing Consulting Services

We are a B2B marketing communications firm that applies the best practices of marketing communications, with a thorough focus on digital marketing — especially inbound marketing. Our services are applied to all elements of the energy industry and reflect an incomparable knowledge of the upstream, downstream and midstream audiences. With a very short or even non-existent learning curve, we provide in-house subject matter experts to assist executive management and marketing departments with planning and strategy, often with limited client input.

3D Animation

From demonstrating new technologies to realistically portraying specific processes, 3D animation is a powerful tool in the oil and gas world. We have a long history of developing 3D content for service companies and operators in the private sector, and have built one of the largest libraries of oil and gas models in the Southern U.S. Our animators and producers understand oil and gas processes and have assembled a large portfolio that demonstrates our expertise.

For marketing, research and development, and educational purposes, we have created large energy exhibits on display at the Museums of Natural Science in Houston and Dallas. We also assist many clients with best-of-show trade show booths that incorporate interactive products including games and product simulations, as well as augmented reality. We not only design the booth, but all audio/video activities and provide needed technical support. We are proud of our awards at major shows including the oil and gas industry’s annual Offshore Technology Conference (OTC) in Houston.

Software Strategy, Consulting and Engineering Services

HexaGroup designs and builds insightful Microsoft-based software solutions with an exclusive focus on the oil and gas industry. Through our oil and gas software practice, Chameleon Software, we build and modernize custom software that addresses complex business or engineering issues beyond the capabilities of standard product offerings. We understand the business challenges of energy companies and know how to address them.

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Oil and Gas Marketing

HexaGroup is an energy marketing and software development services agency based in Houston. Oil & gas industry solutions are our specialty, built on over 20 years of providing marketing consulting services, strategy development and communication, 3D animation, and software and app development.

© 2019 Copyright Hexagroup. All Rights Reserved.
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