Aarthun Performance Group

Through marketing consulting, branding, website development and inbound marketing, HexaGroup helped Aarthun Performance Group land major new clients.


A very successful family-owned business, Aarthun Performance Group (APG) developed a unique solution around business acumen training. Taught around the world in the largest companies, APG’s solution is very customized and teaches employees at all levels how their company makes money and how to make better decisions that affect the bottom line.

Objectives & Challenges

Because its business was mainly conducted through direct sales and word-of-mouth, APG reached out to HexaGroup with an objective to expand the APG business. The company’s value was in its people, but needed to be in the company itself. APG tasked HexaGroup with a branding plan, and a method for improving communications, increasing market share, and generating leads.


HexaGroup consulted with APG and conducted several workshops to fully understand the company’s offering. The team interviewed several clients and also attended internal training to become immersed in APG’s business. Following this exploratory phase, HexaGroup developed a set of recommendations. While Aarthun Performance Group was the company name, HexaGroup revealed that in terms of communication, “The Profit Specialist” was a stronger choice. A new brand was born, worthy of its own presence, and became the product of APG. The HexaGroup team proceeded to develop clear communications around The Profit Specialist’s features and benefits, based on content that resonated with clients, what they were gaining from APG training, and how a company would benefit from its investment in this training. The resulting branding of The Profit Specialist capitalized on the strength of the name and solid feedback from testing with APG’s existing client base and selected prospects.

With the branding strategy in place, HexaGroup developed a new website, launched an ongoing marketing campaign based on inbound marketing methodology, implemented HubSpot and a CRM solution. HexaGroup also trained APG’s sales staff on the benefits of content development, educated them on content marketing methodology, and showed them how to utilize technology to optimize their content marketing. Together, the teams developed strong content around The Profit Specialist’s core challenges and benefits, and crafted campaigns centered on HR pain points, successful consultative selling techniques that optimize sales and profitability, how to double sales and profitability without additional investment, and other key challenges of organizations related to sales, retaining employees, and client or industry success stories.


While it is quite a learning curve for an organization to transform itself from a sales-based organization to a marketing-based one, APG has benefited from the HexaGroup solution and methodology. APG’s long-term effort for continued growth has produced outstanding results. Brand awareness for The Profit Specialist is increasing. Successful lead generation and keywords ranking on the first page of Google provide proof of ongoing efforts to use digital marketing as the core method for increasing revenue. With over 350 leads generated to date and the acquisition of one large new client, the campaign is paying for itself — and more.