An innovative app advanced the color chip request process and helped Axalta rise above the competition.


Axalta Coating Systems is a leading global coatings company dedicated solely to the development, manufacture and sale of liquid and powder coatings. Celebrating 150 years in the coatings industry, they continue developing innovative products and services to increase durability, enhance productivity and add beauty.

Objectives & Challenges

The process to request a color chip can be extremely time consuming and is not always reliable. Having to go to a job site to inspect a pipeline or vehicle that needs recoating and then referring to a comprehensive book of color samples to complete a color chip request leaves room for errors. Axalta came to HexaGroup looking for a solution to this inefficient process as well as a need to reduce errors in color requests.


HexaGroup held brainstorming sessions with Axalta to develop an innovative app solution, the color matching Axalta Axs app. This tool allows users to scan any surface and easily match it to a stock powder coating hue. Users are given the option to take a photo at the site, choose from a library of photos, browse the color library, store colors to use again later, and are provided with multiple options for matching colors. 

HexaGroup also designed a lead generation process within the app to advance Axalta’s marketing efforts. No other company in this field is using this type of technology, setting Axalta apart from the competition.


Since the launch on February 7, 2017, there have been over 2,000 downloads in more than 20 countries. The app has made choosing coating colors easier and more efficient, improved the process of color chip requests, and is available for download on multiple devices.


  • Information Architecture
  • Lead Generation
  • Mobile App Development