Dominique Bananas

With a QR code strategy, website development and compelling videos, HexaGroup helped differentiate the nonprofit Dominique Bananas from the competition.


Banana workers are among the most disadvantaged agricultural workers in the world. The nonprofit Dominique Bananas is working to change the lives of hundreds of these workers by supporting independent local ownership of banana plantations in the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta region of Colombia. Dominique Bananas directly connects small banana farmers with markets in Denmark and elsewhere in the EU, bypassing the often-exploitive multinational agro-businesses and investors. The profit from the sale of these bananas goes directly to the grower – there is no middleman.

Objectives & Challenges

Awareness by consumers is vital. Their banana purchases literally mean the world to these small family farmers. But Dominique Bananas look, smell, and eat the same as the competitors’ bananas stacked next to them in a grocer’s produce case. HexaGroup went bananas for a good cause.


QR code labels were the answer. HexaGroup worked with Dominique Bananas to first create a brand identity, then proceeded to develop a QR code strategy, build a website for Dominique Banana in two languages (Danish and English), and produced 20+ videos in Colombia in multiple languages. The new brand identity was applied to QR code labels that connect the consumer directly to a unique page on the Dominique Bananas website featuring the particular farmer who grew the banana with the QR code label. The page includes the farmer’s story, photos, and in many cases, a video that provides an intimate glimpse into the work and life of the farmer behind the banana.

Consumers scan the labels on their mobile devices, so a mobile-optimized experience is vital. HexaGroup developed a responsive design site for Dominique Bananas, which automatically resizes to conform to the platform on which it’s being viewed: mobile phone, tablet, or PC.


The concept has fueled a competitive advantage in Scandinavia for promoting a group of small, family producers versus larger corporate growers. As a result, viable opportunities for more family producers are becoming a reality. The Dominique Bananas Foundation has been able to expand its nonprofit humanitarian services and increase the number of small family plantations it can assist through its unique business model.


  • Marketing strategy
  • Website development
  • Video production