Sterling Bank

With a new SharePoint-platform website in the works and 75% completed, Sterling Bank hired HexaGroup to perform two roles.

The first role required enhancing the presentation layer or user interface of the new site to ensure it was compatible with all web browsers, while also enhancing it for search engine optimization. Faced with the fact that SharePoint is not the most flexible platform for UI, HexaGroup thoroughly tested the site, refined it, and added improvements upon what had been developed to that point. HexaGroup’s second role was to add functionality. Specifically, Sterling Bank desired a branch locator interface. The interactive interface developed by HexaGroup allowed users to quickly and easily search for locations on a map by state, or by entering an address, zip code, or city and state. Search results returned a list of branch locations with links to additional helpful information such as services provided, hours of operation, and driving directions, as well as placing the locations on an interactive map.


  • Website Development
  • User Interface