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Enabling clients to achieve successful and lasting change management through insightful strategy communication.

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As organizations experience mergers and acquisitions, develop branding initiatives, reach out to new markets and plan to expand or refocus their offering, their strategy changes — impacting all areas and aspects of their business. A great deal of communication is essential, both internally and externally, to successfully maneuver these critical periods of change.

Uniquely experienced in change management, HexaGroup is often engaged to assist clients in packaging their new strategy into a well-defined offering to ensure the message is clearly and efficiently communicated to all target audiences. Our team of seasoned consultants works hand-in-hand with our clients' senior management to establish communication objectives, identify anticipated objections and develop solutions for overcoming them. Utilizing a consistent voice and top-down influence to facilitate acceptance, we then work with our clients' various communications departments to further disseminate the message, tapping into our arsenal of communication tools to produce all needed communication vehicles.

Why HexaGroup for Strategy Communication?

As one aspect of change management, strategy communication is urgently needed for organizations facing mergers and acquisitions. HexaGroup's experienced change management and communications consultants work with all levels of our clients' organizations to ensure strategy changes are effectively developed and communicated to all affected audiences, both within their business and beyond.