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In today's online world, the importance of analytics is as important as the content created on a website. Understanding who sees a site and how they interact with it provides the necessary insight about the performance of the site, and whether changes need to be made to the campaign. At HexaGroup, we specialize in Google Analytics and Inbound Marketing Analytics.

Our Digital Analytics Consulting Services

Proper implementation and understanding of digital analytics is crucial to any marketing plan. Traffic generation can be maximized across online channels through digital analytics consulting from a team of experts. With over 20 years of experience, HexaGroup understands the magnitude of digital marketing and strives to make it a core requirement in all of our marketing plans.

Audit & Strategy

An audit from our team of experts includes a detailed analysis of your company’s structure, target audience, reputation and various other metrics. We then sit down with you to design a strategy tailored to achieve the results you identify.

Some of the areas we explore when developing your digital analytics plan include:

  • Previous experience using software such as Google Analytics, Universal Analytics, HubSpot Analytics, etc.
  • Research in relevancy of previous data obtained from analytics software
  • Errors within previous data obtained from analytics software, such as coding and naming issues
  • Effective implementation and integration with CRM, ads and SEO

Technology & Implementation

HexaGroup’s team of experts utilizes various analytics platforms to optimize your digital analytics strategy. During the consulting process, we discuss with you the strengths of each platform to ensure eventual maximization of your ROI. We also spend the time with you to clarify KPIs to measure the progress we are making toward meeting the stated goals. We proceed to maximize the effectiveness of each your accounts on digital analytics platforms by determining the metrics on which to focus during the implementation process.

Google Analytics

As a Google Analytics Certified Partner (GACP), we have extensive expertise using the industry's most widely used Web-based analytics tool to gain detailed insight into website statistics and online marketing effectiveness. Google Analytics allows for the evolution of products and services based on data collected from key audiences, and provides the tools necessary to reinforce or modify certain aspects of a client's website.

Our Google Analytics services include:

  • Implementation of a non-site analytic platform by creating a new Google Analytics account or using an existing one
  • Centralized tracking of all campaigns and online marketing activities
  • Establishing goals and filters to measure KPIs
  • Configured dashboards and automated reporting
  • Search Engine Optimization analysis tailored for each client
  • Implementation of attribution model, remarketing list, advance segments, dashboards and custom channel grouping
  • Using Universal Analytics to provide intuitive features to better align your goals with the Google Analytics platform
  • Client training in the use of Google Analytics

HubSpot Analytics

Complementing website analytics, HubSpot is a inbound marketing solution with an analytics tool that collects and examines data associated with marketing campaigns. The goal of inbound marketing is to provide premium content that attracts prospective customers to a client's website by meeting their information needs.

These integrated analytics track every step of a buyer's journey, from the first time they see a client's website to how long they stayed on the website and the frequency of their visits. On the campaign level, HubSpot Analytics allow us to compare the individual performance of all marketing channels including landing pages, CTAs, social media, blog posts, keywords, email and more. We then review the influence of each campaign element to ensure it makes the appropriate contribution to meeting our client’s campaign goals.

Our HubSpot Analytics services include:

  • Effective installation of tracking code to monitor activity to and from your website
  • Analysis of competitors and modification based on such results
  • Keyword analysis on various search engines to optimize traffic to your website
  • Internal IP filtering
  • Google Analytics integration

Reporting & Analysis

At HexaGroup, we don't just run an automated report of basic metrics and call it a day. We understand that our clients need to view reports that provide information that is directly applicable to their business objectives. Our analytics experts conduct objective and subjective analysis of data and create customized reports, dashboards and presentations with the metrics that are relevant to a client's marketing goals.

Through our Web analytics and reporting services, we strive to deliver information that actually matters to our clients, and provide insight into marketing efforts to ensure that strategy is delivering ROI. Customized reports are based on business objectives, goals, KPIs, targets, dimensions and segments. These types of reports can be delivered on monthly, quarterly or yearly intervals, based on client need.

Why HexaGroup for Website Analytics?

With more than 20 years of experience, our Web analytics consulting helps drive traffic to our clients' websites. From business blogging to social media and email marketing to lead nurturing, we apply the latest inbound marketing analytics to draw in targeted traffic and user engagement. Our expertise in Google Analytics allows us to manage our clients' website traffic analytics and produce comprehensive reports that provide insight on where improvements can be made. We focus on a four-step system whenever we approach a new project with the goal of driving new business to our clients' websites, as well as preserving existing customers.