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Creating, implementing and monitoring exemplary online advertising campaigns that get our clients noticed.

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In today's online world, innovation in advertising is key to differentiating yourself from the competition. At HexaGroup, we focus on implementing the power of online advertising to increase our clients' brand identity and awareness to reach their target audiences.

Our Online Advertising Services

HexaGroup's online advertising campaigns utilize the right combination of experience and access to analytical tools. We provide optimized content and keyword selection, (A-B) multi-variance ad testing expertise, and the constant monitoring and adaptation necessary to attain and maintain the exposure of our clients' campaigns. Our Pay Per Click (PPC) campaigns allow for unmatched targeting and tracking, and are ideal for niche audiences.

HexaGroup develops many forms of online advertising that suit our clients' additional needs. We are proficient in banner advertising, widgets, mass email campaigns, online polls, sweepstakes, contests and the list goes on. All of these are used to direct additional traffic to our clients' websites in ways that traditional advertising cannot. Innovation is key in HexaGroup's online advertising plans — a mindset that applies to every service we provide.

Some of the online advertising services we provide include:

  • Google AdWords (PPC): Offers various keywords and placement options needed to reach the designated target audience. HexaGroup interprets and manages these campaigns to accurately determine which are providing ROI and which have room for improvement.
  • Banner Advertising and Widgets: A well-designed and placed banner ad or widget increases Web traffic and brand awareness and facilitates actionable analytics. HexaGroup provides a comprehensive service that incorporates online research, creative and reporting.
  • Social Media: These highly-personalized ads on social media outlets such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn can be uniquely tailored to individual interest, characteristics, location and more. HexaGroup creates appealing ads that engage potential customers where they are online, while monitoring analytics to ensure optimum performance.

Social media ads are an increasingly popular option when designing online advertising campaigns. We design ads for all the large social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and more. With social media becoming widely used among numerous potential audiences, our clients know the necessity of expanding their brand and taking advantage of these platforms. We provide the knowledge and skills in developing effective ads that our clients need in today's online world.

Why HexaGroup for Online Advertising?

Our staff of expert marketers at HexaGroup possesses the necessary knowledge and skills in online advertising to design a plan suited to meet all of your needs. We are creative visual thinkers with the goal of broadening every aspect of our clients' businesses. PPC campaigns and social media ads from HexaGroup take into account our clients' wants and needs to ensure results.