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Creating interactive conversations with customers where they are online, we produce eye-catching and innovative campaigns that exploit social media's full potential.

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Information no longer flows in a single direction and today’s savvy businesses are using social media to create interactive connections with customers. Unlike traditional media, social media allows you to establish a two-way conversation and build relationships with your customer base. A major challenge for companies looking to run social media campaigns stems from a lack of social media-specific resources and knowledge that resides within a typical in-house marketing department.

The man hours and lack of analytical technical resources required to monitor, support and measure the progress of a campaign are often major stumbling blocks to a company’s social media ambitions. HexaGroup produces eye-catching and innovative campaigns that exploit social media's full potential.

Our Social Media Services

The strategic planning of an online social media campaign differs significantly depending on the intended customer. Whether it’s a straightforward B2C sale or a longer-term B2B relationship, HexaGroup has the expertise and technical toolkit to optimize ROI.

Social media is all about creating great conversation, content and "buzz." While social media has traditionally been used for direct interaction with consumers, B2B companies are increasingly harnessing the benefits for their own promotion. Based on our clients' needs, HexaGroup provides full marketing, technical and creative services, research and analytical support, and the tools needed to establish the essential connection between marketing and sales efforts.

Through social media, HexaGroup also:

  • Provides useful information to customers about products and services in a more casual way
  • Helps with Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and increases Web traffic
  • Starts a conversation with prospects and continues the conversation with customers
  • Improves customer acquisition, retention and cross-selling
  • Offers better customer support quality
  • Improves brand or product awareness and public relations

Social media campaigns are also a vibrant, interactive and cost-effective way for B2C marketers to reach an unprecedented number of potential customers. HexaGroup guides our clients to an expertly planned and executed B2C social media campaign. We supplement our client’s B2C marketing efforts, providing full MarComs, technical and creative support, as well as guidance on establishing campaign KPIs and aligning these goals with the corresponding metrics to measure progress and ensure ROI.

Why HexaGroup for Social Media?

HexaGroup runs successful and cost-effective social media promotions on behalf of our clients and guides them throughout the entire process. We are a proven leader in the field of B2B and B2C social media and provide both the services and technological toolkit to help our clients overcome any hurdles that stand between them and a successful social media presence.

Our experience in producing effective B2B social media campaigns is unmatched. We have the expertise to take on the challenges associated with producing a successful B2B social media campaign, including sufficiently explaining the complexity of products and services to conclude a sale, and adequately influencing the group consensus usually required by the purchaser to reach a decision and for which sales staff are often needed to finalize the transaction.