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Ensuring our clients project a cohesive and positive brand identity.

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More than a logo or tagline, a brand is the very personification of a company — the product or service combined with a promise. Brand essence, which should be defined in less than six words, specifies the primary values that permeate all aspects of marketing communications, defines the personality and anchors the tone and rhythm of all communications.

At HexaGroup, we know that marketing begins with branding. Our brand development process allows us to systematically gather company information and creatively define what is unique about your business.

Our Branding Process

HexaGroup follows an extensive and complete branding process that can be implemented from start to finish or used to accommodate a client's need based on where they are in the process. Offering full flexibility, our process can be adapted to a product or service's level of maturity and can also be tailored to fit a client's budget.

With HexaGroup's branding services, our clients receive the benefit of focused, expert planning across a range of creative mediums while enjoying the cost advantages of being able to implement only the creative services needed.

Our branding process begins with research. We conduct an internal marketing audit among key stakeholders to truly understand your company, product, channels, competition and buyers. This information helps to define the essence of your brand, create a brand model and establish brand identity. We then develop a communications plan to translate key objectives into measurable business goals. Evaluation of brand identity is ongoing as there is continuous realignment of tactics based on measurable analytics.

  • Phase 1: Create the Brand Essence

    Start with an overall agreement on key objectives.

    • Conduct research
    • Create word association
    • Distill across hard components
  • Phase 2: Define the Brand Essence

    The heart and soul of the brand.

    • Model words to interpret core essence
    • Validate
  • Phase 3: Create the Brand Model

    The brand map.

    • Distill features and benefits across hard components
    • Create brand concept map
    • Validate concept distinctiveness
  • Phase 4: Create Brand Identity

    Revisit and refine key objectives.

    • Finalize positioning efforts
    • Define identity in words and graphics
    • Interpret identity into communications
  • Phase 5: Communication

    Interpret key objectives into measurable business goals.

    • Define where target audience gets its information and how competition interacts to compete
    • Develop communications strategy and tactics
    • Launch communications plan
  • Phase 6: Evaluation

    Review results across KPIs, analytics and business goals.

    • Ongoing analysis and surveys
    • Ongoing realignment of tactics

Why HexaGroup for Branding?

HexaGroup's branding services call upon an experienced team of research, marketing and creative professionals who possess years of experience analyzing current brand perceptions and developing new brand identities across both online and offline media. We employ marketing project managers who have knowledge across a range of industry sectors and who take time to develop a deep understanding of our client's specific challenges. HexaGroup’s award winning creative teams translate this abstract knowledge into a single, unifying branding vision.