Content Development Services

Creating concise, informative content is essential to the success of any sales, marketing and training effort. 

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HexaGroup uses specialized content writers to ensure our clients have instant access to industry best practices. Our content strategy services rigorously test our clients' assumptions of typical purchasers and the questions those purchasers need answered before making a purchasing decision.

Armed with this insight, HexaGroup creates content that anticipates the needs of sales teams, and builds collateral, presentations and other tools that connect your company’s solutions to your customer's challenge or need.

Instructional Design

Our expert staff uses the latest technology to produce content for any training purpose including e-learning, software tutorials and numerous other applications.


Well-versed in content marketing, we provide clients with intelligent copy that is engaging and persuasive, attracting consumers through a unified brand message across all media platforms.

Technical Writing

Knowledgeable in technical industries, our writers offer easy to understand terminology while conveying your message's most difficult points to your users and employees.

Translation Services

HexaGroup utilizes a proven network of best-in-class partners with different tools to provide the best translation and localization solutions to meet your specific needs.