Print Collateral and Graphic Design Services

Producing visually alluring integrated identity packages that effectively reach your targeted audiences and deliver your message.

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Successful communication strategies incorporate a wide mixture of applications and techniques. In most cases, a solid outbound marketing strategy includes printed messages to communicate with your target audience. HexaGroup designers have the in-house skill set you need to create effective print collateral.

The idea is simple: Grab your target audience's attention once they lay eyes on your material and keep it there. Being able to leave a lasting impression speaks volumes about the impact of your collateral and promise of your brand. Our services provide just that — the ability to present a terrific first impression your audience consciously remembers.

Our Print Collateral and Graphic Design Services

Our print collateral and graphic design services are created through the eyes of your audience. Our trade show displays and graphics consider such things as positioning and lighting, while our t-shirts and mugs provide quick and constant reminders of your brand to your audience. Our copywriting skills translate well from manuals to print advertisements, while our graphic designers create logos that match your company's message and identity.

Our print collateral and graphic design services include:

  • Overall corporate identity
  • Logo creation
  • Trade show displays and large format graphics
  • Custom illustrations and infographics
  • Brochure design and catalogs
  • Print advertising
  • Annual reports
  • Business cards
  • Newsletters
  • Technical manuals
  • Directories
  • T-shirts, mugs and other specialty items

Why HexaGroup for Print Collateral and Graphic Design?

Our savvy staff with over 20 years of experience understands the importance of not only making a first impression, but leaving a lasting one. The repertoire of products we offer is fully customizable. Want a display that focuses more on images and less on handouts and documents? Done. Prefer to give out swag and branded items instead of delivering presentations and speeches? Check. Your company doesn't always get a second chance at a first impression. Count on HexaGroup to help you make your best impression.