Content Production

Producing relevant, optimized content that effectively communicates your brand and delivers your message to the user.

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Creating concise, informative and optimized content is essential to the success of any website. HexaGroup uses specialized Web content writers and graphic designers to ensure our clients have instant access to industry best practices. Quality content, produced with your brand and target audience in mind, will generate traffic, engage users and create customers. We are committed to developing informative, accurate and original content that complements interface design.

Producing content for a new website can take different forms. First, we often import and optimize existing content. Second, your business may require licensed content such as industry trends or news, interest rates, rig counts, interactive maps or real estate market trends from a third party. Finally, content goes beyond words and text and involves producing new content including text, graphics, videos and multimedia. The challenges are different for each and have a direct impact on website budget.

Our Content Production Process

Often, content can be the determining factor as to whether a visitor stays on a website or exits. At HexaGroup, we follow a Web content production process to ensure your visitors stay and engage. Whether your website is brand new or getting a makeover, we develop a customized content strategy that will increase website traffic, raise brand awareness and improve site conversions.

  • Phase 1 - Consolidate

    Get everything on the table.

    Create a framework of existing content and your direction.

    • Specific identification of content sources
    • Creation of content matrices
    • Gathering of all original source materials into a common repository
    • Sorting of existing content by section and page
    • Sourcing of third-party content
  • Phase 2 - Plan & Assign Roles

    Who's who?

    Some projects only require one content developer while others require a whole team. We assign roles and designate content experts.

    • Finalize development timeline
    • Assign content development roles
    • Make arrangements to interview content experts
  • Phase 3 - Produce

    Words, visuals, action!

    • Copywriting
      • Voice
      • Tone
      • Messaging
      • Style guidelines
      • Optimization for SEO
    • Core graphic selection
    • Content review and approval
    • Multimedia content production
      • Existing video editing
      • Interviews
      • New animated and multimedia content (video, 2D and 3D animations, HTML5 animation)
      • Translation and localization
  • The Deliverables
    • Page-by-page textual content for each page
    • Multimedia content and animations
    • Translation and localization

Why HexaGroup for Content Production?

As a creative agency, we understand the power of words, graphics, videos and multimedia. We have produced award-winning content for client websites that is just as attention-grabbing as it is engaging. Our team of writers, graphic designers, video production staff and animators has extensive experience creating various types of Web content, also specializing in industry-focused content with backgrounds in oil and gas, journalism, marketing, arts and sciences, education, finance, psychology and health — just to name a few. By combining experience with a strong understanding of Web writing practices and optimization strategies, HexaGroup ensures that all of your content is strong and effective.